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The Final Mrs.

I’m a bit of a spotty blogger this last week. A little sleep deprivation and too much work screws things up. Also today marks the official “Day 30” of my 30-day challenge. Since Thanksgiving, I’ve lost about 5 of those days, so I’m tacking them onto December to round out my 30-day commitment. If you’d like to continue following along after that, I’ll certainly enjoy your company. I’m hoping to post at least a couple times a week after this official challenge is done, and more often when my work slows down (so after the holidays). Please stay with me if you so choose. 🙂

So my post for the past two days, Monday and Tuesday, is that I finished my xmas card. I created 2 pieces and this is one of the spots. I will not reveal the cover until after the Holidays. This is the final from my last post. Comparing the two you can see just how she came to life. I like the background that evolved because it makes the stars glow a little more than the purpled allowed and makes the red pop. I kept the purple underpainting in there, but added more blue and then rested with green/yellow. And I am very happy with her expression too. Faces are challenging, but am pleased with her results. I thought she needed cat glasses to match her fancy shoes and bow accessory. Shouldn’t everyone score a pair?

Until tomorrow, have a wonderful Wednesday!

"The Mrs. Progresses"

"The Final Mrs."



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The Mrs. Progresses


A quickie post… This is actually yesterday’s post, so I will post today’s hopefully later. Haven’t had much of a chance to work until now. I’m continuing on developing the Mrs. Old Man Winter and added her first layer of paint yesterday. I’m going back in with ink, then the second and third layers, shadows and highlights to make her pop and sing! We’ll see if my initial vision translates successfully onto paper.

Wish me luck posting “today’s post” before midnight!  Looking at the clock, it might be tomorrow… 😦

"The Mrs. Progresses"


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New Inspiration

LIFE HAPPENED these past 3 days as I wasn’t able to make it to my drawing table and spare an hour or two to blog. I was stessing about it every day, but last night I finally quieted and thought, “I’ll just continue the days in December. Not a big deal. This is my personal challenge anyway.” 🙂

So I missed my HUGE opportunity to do a Thanksgiving Day blog. But received an email from a friend of mine, and quickly changed my tune. She is also a huge inspiration to me, is a very grateful person and expresses it in all aspects of her life. She openly encourages others to do the same. For Thanksgiving Day, she wrote a grateful message and within it asked, why do people just celebrate one day of thankfulness? What would happen if everyone changed their thoughts of thanksgiving and tried to make every day a day of  gratefulness? What if the world saw each day as “Thanksliving“?  I love that idea. So you WILL get my Thanksgiving blog sometime soon and more times after that.

Okay, now onto today… So all week, I’ve been feeling the pressure to produce this darn Christmas card before Dec. 1st. I’ve been forcing ideas out of me and nothing was flowing, always hitting a wall. Imagine throwing up. Well, it was like my ideas were throwing up all over my paper. Everything stunk! So after my hiatus of 3 days of drawing, while running around the lake early this morning, I got an inspiration!!!  YIPPE-YI-YEA!!!!  I imagined this female character, her round form, her short legs, even her pointy shoes. She is the wife of Old Man Winter (last year’s card). I thought of a title for her. I even pictured her coloring. Finally…!!

Now I just have to produce it.

So I sketched her and I like where this is going. (And I REALLY mean it this time.) She sort of reminds me of my fairy Godmother.

"An Inspiration"


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“Fueling Up”

This is from a VERY tired me who dauntingly is looking into what needs to get done in the next few weeks. If I could only strap on my super power jet pack, crash helmut, elbow and knee pads (safety first!) to get ready for my lists, I’d “fill ‘er up” in a heartbeat.

One quick, easily calculated lesson that I’m taking away from my crazy visual… remember that only one day happens at a time. Remain positive. Remember I have children and a husband. AND finally, there are roughly 16 waking hours in each day (if I get 8 hours), which translates into 512 waking hours to accomplish my tasks (give or take a few.) BUT, if I trim it down to only 7 sleeping hours, I gain a whole whopping 32 hours. And just think about what I can do with an EXTRA 32 hours. 🙂

Strap it on, baby. Here I go!

"Fill 'er UP!"


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Today, this is how it went. So much to do, so many directions… nothing accomplished.


’nuff said!


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“Pink Elephant in the Room”

Saturday, November 19

Enough of the deep thoughts after Friday’s blog…I need to add a little lightness to my day. One of you dear friends told me that your kids really enjoy my monkey illo that I did on Day 4, so I pondered. I like him too. I especially like his eyes.

I think he needs a friend. So guess what? He gets a friend. (Don’t you wish it could be this easy to make a friend?) 🙂

I ran out of day on Saturday to do more with him, so this is all he evolved into:

"Elephant Sketch"

Sunday, November 20

Today, I need to add character to this friend. I need him to possess the same strength of personality as the monkey.  It definitely needs to be in color. He needs to be rounder, squishy, saggy, wrinkled. He needs strong eyes. I think pink with blue nails suits his personality. What do you think?

So I inked and painted, then inked and painted. And he was complete.

I like him.

Monkey friend, meet Ele friend.

"Pink Elephant in a Room"


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Day 18: Honesty

I’ve been contemplating questions about honesty in creating art…why am I creating it? Who is my audience? Is it coming out of me honestly or in disguise? Am I trying to impress or it is just an expression of me? When I was learning how to paint in college, I really didn’t have the pressures of an audience, nor did I have the responsibility of pleasing a client. I painted from my soul and expression came flowing out. When I was dealing with the recovery of treatment from breast cancer, I needed to release my sadness, so my expression came flowing out. It wasn’t for anyone. It was for me. That in my mind was true honesty.

These feelings are one of the reasons I really like doing this blog. These little ditty doodles aren’t for anyone (although I know I have an audience) but they are for me. I press “publish” with the thought of “who cares?” But with this experience, I’m realizing that I really miss the moments of pure and true free expression. I miss approaching a blank canvas with paint in hand and seeing what erupts. I miss painting without fear… fear that it won’t turn out, fear that people may not like it.

This type of painting I’m talking about is very different from what you are seeing on this blog and what I have done lately. It is very emotional. It is like I have two painters trapped inside me. I REALLY do enjoy creating art for people/kids too, knowing that it brings them joy. I enjoy my current process of art. I’m just curious (and a little bit afraid) about the other. This blog I think, is helping me make baby steps back to that other place.

I do know that I need both in my life.

Funny, how even though I am writing about craving this freedom, I do just the opposite with my blog today. Because I am under pressures of deadlines (gotta love ’em and hate ’em), I used today to create art for an organization and just wanted to brainstorm.

I got inspired a while ago by a photo that a dear art friend sent out on her blog, and immediately thought that she captured this amazing feeling. I thought, wouldn’t it be incredible if I could capture this feel for the Dragonfly Project? So thank you, Sharon, for giving me inspiration!

With this piece I sketched, enlarged it, fine-tuned it, then inked it. It doesn’t look like much, nor does it have the “feel” that I’m shooting for. It is still in my head…hoping that I can translate it onto paper. Not sure I like the borders or where I’m going with the painting exactly, but I’m using acrylic, so I can paint over anything if I change my mind. This will probably be completely different from what you see here. I will trust that amazing is bound to come.

Ironic to say, but I’m really hoping that it will turn out too. 🙂



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