Playing Catch-up… Already!

Hello fellow bloggers,

I officially started a 30-day “Drawing a Day” challenge on Tuesday, Nov 1st with the intent to blog every day, posting a new sketch. My objective is to use this 30 days to experiment and do whatever comes into my mind first, journal my crazy thought process, do it quickly and see what evolves. I have successfully done my illo every day, although the blogging part has been delayed. My computer blew up over the weekend–the day after I created this blog. (Is that telling me something?? I hope not!) I bought a new Mac and I am finally on a road to recovery. The following are my posts for my first 4 days:



Day 1, Nov 1st:

“Trick or Treat on ME”

Because of my computer explosion fiasco over the weekend, I had computer on my brain, thus my illustration choice.

TRICK = my computer’s BIG BANG, literally. TREAT = my brand-spanking-new computer. 🙂

"Trick or Treat on Me"



Day 2, Nov 2nd:

“A Pearplane”

My thought process for this one started because I want to start drawing stereotypical toys for little boys – vehicles, dinosaurs, trains, scary things, etc. So, I hear an airplane fly overhead and say to myself, “okay, an airplane, it is.” I imagined an old-fashioned open air airplane. It evolves into the shape of a pear. “Okay, this is fun… a pear plane. Sounds like airplane.” It stays. Now I’m imagining a beautiful, red velvet cloth interior especially fitting for a mouse pilot…a girl pilot would be nice, taking after Amelia Earheart.

So there’s my thought process on day 2. Not exactly what I intended. Maybe tomorrow I’ll actually attempt to draw a little boy toy.

Day 2 "A Pearplane"



Day 3, Nov 3rd:


Today, I started thinking about dinosaurs and actually started drawing an apatosaurus. Instead, it evolved into a dragon with wings. I surprised myself as I was drawing. Didn’t know the anatomy of a dragon that well, so I looked it up for 2  minutes, then turned off the computer and developed my own. I attempted to do scary, since I gravitate towards happy and sweet. Don’t know if I accomplished it though. Didn’t want to paint today. Just used pen & ink.

Day 3 "Scary Dragon"



Day 4, Nov 4th:

“Monster Monkey”

Today, I started thinking about monsters… long arms, short, hairy. But I was drawing A LOT of monkeys yesterday for a painting I’m doing for the Children’s Hospital, so my monster turned into a cross between a monster, monkey and an EWOK (as my husband pointed out). I think he’s kind of lovable in a funny sort of way.

Day 4 "Monster Monkey"


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2 responses to “Playing Catch-up… Already!

  1. 1. smoking computer is so sad. Been there, glad you have a sense of humor. SO GLAD you are doing color too. 🙂
    2. I love love love the pear-plane nice phonetic word play. I wish the wings were a different color so we can really see the pear shape. just my 2 cents. skip it if you don’t like…
    3. This is a great dragon! Scary too.
    4. I really want to hug this lil’ guy, I don’t care what it is. I want him for a pet!

  2. So fun, Sara! You and Barb were on the same dragon wavelength, that’s awesome! LOVE that punny pearplane, you’re a gal after my own heart! 🙂

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