Time to Stretch

It was a VERY late night working last night and this is all I needed when I awoke. Got me going and ready for another full day of drawing. As you can see, I’m a little stiff. I was trying to arch the body like a cat does as it stretches… then the idea of having a cat in the pose instead…”Downward Cat”?  Ha ha! (A little joke to myself that no one else would think funny.) Instead, the cat chose to do “Cobra” pose . Ahhhh…yoga is such a wonderful thing!

Thanks everyone for your interest in my little doodles. You are all the best!

"Down Dog"


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2 responses to “Time to Stretch

  1. That’s a nice drawing and pose Sara, the kitty is so cute in the Cobra pose!!!

  2. My cat and dog must like yoga too. They are always trying to get on the mat when I pull it out. 🙂

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