“Here Comes the Snow!”

Last night seeing the first flurries of the season falling, I thought I’d be waking up to them all day. So I bundled my children up in their winter gear and sent them on their way. Of course, it didn’t snow at all. So this morning, my illustration clearly spoke to me and is still talking back, fully stuffed saying, “Really, Mom? I can’t breathe. It’s hot in here.” And I confidently say back, “no really, it IS winter. You just wait!”

Watch out Weingartner children. It may be a long season, but hey, at least you’ll be warm.

Happy beginning of winter, everyone.

"Here Comes the Snow!"


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2 responses to ““Here Comes the Snow!”

  1. Oh, the down dog/up cat sketch is adorable! LOVE Santa on the broom, it so very Harry Potter! It is totally time to start bundling up the kids, wow. I am glad you are having so much fun with this, Sara, it shows! 🙂

  2. Such a cute bundle, reminds me of Ralphie in “The Christmas Story”.

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