I got the “Illustration Friday” email and the word for the week is “silent”. My immediate imagery was dark, cold, middle of winter, full moon, no wind, leafless trees, blues & purples, ice crystals in the sky, stillness. Can you imagine the beautiful scene too? Well, I only had an hour, so maybe I’ll illustrate that another time.

Instead, I took a slightly different approach. I thought it might be funny to make a mouth silent. (Not sure where this was coming from. I am a mother of two…hmmm.)  How though? I started doodling and I tied it. Um, can I say, “CREEPY!!?!?! and YUK.” I axed it. Okay, Sara, try a less-threatening approach.

Yes, it became obvious. Use a duck!




"Silent Duckie"


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3 responses to ““Silent”

  1. Kathy

    WOW SARA! This is amazing! Fascinating to hear (and see!) your creative processes. I would have given up the day the computer blew…REALLY glad you kept your eye on your goal. I look forward to the rest of the month!

  2. This is what I would like to do to many politicians!!!!

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