“Pink Elephant in the Room”

Saturday, November 19

Enough of the deep thoughts after Friday’s blog…I need to add a little lightness to my day. One of you dear friends told me that your kids really enjoy my monkey illo that I did on Day 4, so I pondered. I like him too. I especially like his eyes.

I think he needs a friend. So guess what? He gets a friend. (Don’t you wish it could be this easy to make a friend?) 🙂

I ran out of day on Saturday to do more with him, so this is all he evolved into:

"Elephant Sketch"

Sunday, November 20

Today, I need to add character to this friend. I need him to possess the same strength of personality as the monkey.  It definitely needs to be in color. He needs to be rounder, squishy, saggy, wrinkled. He needs strong eyes. I think pink with blue nails suits his personality. What do you think?

So I inked and painted, then inked and painted. And he was complete.

I like him.

Monkey friend, meet Ele friend.

"Pink Elephant in a Room"


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2 responses to ““Pink Elephant in the Room”

  1. funny you’re monster monkey and Ele friend are really cute. I can see why they like each other.

  2. So sweet. Elephants make great friends because actually morn the loss of their loved ones.

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