New Inspiration

LIFE HAPPENED these past 3 days as I wasn’t able to make it to my drawing table and spare an hour or two to blog. I was stessing about it every day, but last night I finally quieted and thought, “I’ll just continue the days in December. Not a big deal. This is my personal challenge anyway.” 🙂

So I missed my HUGE opportunity to do a Thanksgiving Day blog. But received an email from a friend of mine, and quickly changed my tune. She is also a huge inspiration to me, is a very grateful person and expresses it in all aspects of her life. She openly encourages others to do the same. For Thanksgiving Day, she wrote a grateful message and within it asked, why do people just celebrate one day of thankfulness? What would happen if everyone changed their thoughts of thanksgiving and tried to make every day a day of  gratefulness? What if the world saw each day as “Thanksliving“?  I love that idea. So you WILL get my Thanksgiving blog sometime soon and more times after that.

Okay, now onto today… So all week, I’ve been feeling the pressure to produce this darn Christmas card before Dec. 1st. I’ve been forcing ideas out of me and nothing was flowing, always hitting a wall. Imagine throwing up. Well, it was like my ideas were throwing up all over my paper. Everything stunk! So after my hiatus of 3 days of drawing, while running around the lake early this morning, I got an inspiration!!!  YIPPE-YI-YEA!!!!  I imagined this female character, her round form, her short legs, even her pointy shoes. She is the wife of Old Man Winter (last year’s card). I thought of a title for her. I even pictured her coloring. Finally…!!

Now I just have to produce it.

So I sketched her and I like where this is going. (And I REALLY mean it this time.) She sort of reminds me of my fairy Godmother.

"An Inspiration"


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3 responses to “New Inspiration

  1. Sara, I can almost see her little toes wiggling. She is delightful and full of love.

  2. Despite being married to Old Man Winter, she looks warm and cozy. Nice contrast.

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