The Final Mrs.

I’m a bit of a spotty blogger this last week. A little sleep deprivation and too much work screws things up. Also today marks the official “Day 30” of my 30-day challenge. Since Thanksgiving, I’ve lost about 5 of those days, so I’m tacking them onto December to round out my 30-day commitment. If you’d like to continue following along after that, I’ll certainly enjoy your company. I’m hoping to post at least a couple times a week after this official challenge is done, and more often when my work slows down (so after the holidays). Please stay with me if you so choose. 🙂

So my post for the past two days, Monday and Tuesday, is that I finished my xmas card. I created 2 pieces and this is one of the spots. I will not reveal the cover until after the Holidays. This is the final from my last post. Comparing the two you can see just how she came to life. I like the background that evolved because it makes the stars glow a little more than the purpled allowed and makes the red pop. I kept the purple underpainting in there, but added more blue and then rested with green/yellow. And I am very happy with her expression too. Faces are challenging, but am pleased with her results. I thought she needed cat glasses to match her fancy shoes and bow accessory. Shouldn’t everyone score a pair?

Until tomorrow, have a wonderful Wednesday!

"The Mrs. Progresses"

"The Final Mrs."


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2 responses to “The Final Mrs.

  1. Oh, I love Mrs. Old Man Winter! What a great idea! So sweet! I also adore thanksliving- that is a great and tangible thing! Congrats on all the fine posting this month, Sara! 🙂

  2. Kathy

    The Final Mrs. certainly became a Christmas lady! It continues to amaze me how you can take one aspect, such as the color, and completely change the final outcome/message. I’m so glad to be on your Christmas list and can’t wait to get the whole card!!!

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