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A Crocodile Day

Hi! I’m back. I’ve had to take a bit of a break with my daily doodling. I’m working on other paintings because of the crunch of pressured deadlines. But I just couldn’t stay away… I wanted to doodle today because I¬†was inspired by my son this morning. As he says good-bye, we’ve been saying the “see you later, alligator… after while, crocodile… see you soon, baboon” and he is still learning, so mixes them up and doesn’t pronounce correctly. His sweet little voice replies “see you late-o baboon. See you late-o cock-o-dile.” Then he giggles and his HUGE smile and tuck of his chin melts into his coat.

So today, you get a sketch of a contented croc today. I had to look up for reference, because I still didn’t know the difference between a crocodile and alligator. I found out (again) that it has to do with the width of their snout from their jaw to the tip of their mouth. An alligator is wider.

I’m really itchin’ to paint this creature. I’ll try to tomorrow or this week.

"Crocodile Day"



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