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Oh, Happy Day!

What a day to celebrate….Ten years ago today I celebrated the birth of my daughter (well, maybe not the WHOLE day since she was born at 10:35pm). Of course, I don’t remember the pain, just blips, and the funny things that happened. Amazing how the mind erases exactly what it should so you do it again… So happy birthday, my dear, beautiful-in-every-way, Claire!!

And what better way to celebrate than to jump back into the saddle here too. I’d been meaning to send this since the 16th of the month, but I guess needed to decompress. I’ve missed blogging, so I’m glad to be back.

I’m attaching the 5 paintings that I produced over the holidays. They’ll appear in the corridors of St Paul’s Children’s Hospital, 3rd floor/Surgery. Keep in mind St. Paul’s hospital theme is “sky”; the floor theme is “drawing and painting.”

Like for the Minneapolis Children’s Hospital paintings, I wanted an overall theme, so for this series of 10 paintings I chose my favorite St. Paul sights. I tried to get creative in my interpretation of drawing and painting, trying to paint the impossible in most cases. The drawing/painting theme is more prominent, and in some instances I pushed elements of the sky. Other times, you can just see the sky.

I really like how these turned out. Hope you do too. And of course, my commentary is below each picture:

"Monkey Business"

“Monkey Business” is at Como Zoo.  I wanted the animals to be painting, rather than the humans.

"Paint Me a Rainbow"

“Paint Me a Rainbow” is the St. Paul cityscape view from the river. It is also a concept I attempted when I was maybe 12 years old and wrote a children’s story about how rainbows are created. I think I had little people and angels pouring paint from the clouds and it was more spiritual. This time I tried to add practicality to impossibility. This is one of my faves. Sort of reminds me a little of Peter Pan, being in their jammies too.

"A Little Help From Friends"

“A Little Help from Friends” is at Hidden Falls, or my rendition. This one was painted with my son in mind, and his bus obsession.

"Changing Seasons"

“Changing Seasons” is a view of the Mississippi River on the St. Paul side, off River Road, just down from the University of St. Thomas. I used to go down there a lot and remember sitting there drawing this view for one of my classes. This one is Claire’s favorite.

"Twinkle Little Stars"

“Twinkle Little Stars” is at Rice Park, downtown St. Paul. This magical little park lights up during winter, so I imagined how awesome it could be to jump in a trampoline that high and create the twinkle above. Of course, I don’t know if I’d have the guts to go that high without a net below. So I’ll live vicariously through my pencil and brush. 🙂



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