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Children’s Hospital (St Paul) 3rd Floor Finished!

Hello! Long overdue post, but I’ve been a busy little bee this year!

I’ve managed to complete the paintings for Children’s Hospitals of MN, St Paul’s 3rd floor, surgical floor.  Got them delivered the day before our family vacation. Phew! The theme is “Drawing and Painting” with the hospital’s sub theme of “the sky.” I designed these intentionally incorporating St. Paul highlights/destinations of sorts.

Here are the latest… Enjoy!

“Night Sky Orchestra”  – This is obviously our Capitol, my version of the grounds, but with the little critters using their painting (or athletic skills) to paint the night sky for the Fourth of July celebration.

"Night Sky Orchestra"

“Puddle Prints” – located on Harriet Island, you see the the reflection of the sky in one glass building, but the main handiwork comes from footprints and play in the mud.

"Puddle Prints"

“What Clouds are Made Of” – is located on the grounds of historic Fort Snelling as one of the children paint the clouds that now float in the beautiful spring sky.

"What Clouds are Made Of"

“Beauty in Bloom” – is my variation of Lake Como, as you see their pavilion and reflection in the lake. The sky is a not a main focus here, but an additive and a play for light. Here the children are painting the blooms of spring, with a little help from their friends.

"Beauty in Bloom"

“First Place” – is at the MN State Fair. If you know about ribbons, the purple is the best. So as the other sky themed paintings show promise, “The Real Deal” (window with the amazing sunset) takes first prize every time.

"First Place"

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