Pig & Toad wins an award!

Author Dayle Quigley of Pig & Toad: Best Friends Forever announced that our book won a silver Moonbeam Children’s Book Award for “Best First Published Book”!!


I know Pig and Toad already love the attention!


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8 responses to “Pig & Toad wins an award!

  1. jeanne mettner


  2. Jeannie Ford

    So exciting! Very happy for you both!

  3. Sara, Congratulations to both you and your author friend. You both deserve it. We cannot wait until the next book. By the way, your book signing event was a lot of fun.

  4. Dick & Jill

    Awesome—and well deserved!!!!!!!!

  5. How fun. Nice to know others recognize it for being suc a fun book. Hi to pig and toad. Betty

  6. Congratulations Sara and Dayle! Pig an Toad is a great book!

  7. Nina Crittenden

    Three cheers for Sara, Dayle, Pig, and Toad! Hip hip hooray!!!!

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