Sketch of the day – Day 2

So I officially signed up for SkADaMo, which translates “Sketch A Day Month”. Now this is not my most favorite drawing, but with the time I had to work with to sketch and the fact that I have to be at a Halloween party in less than an hour dressed like this, this is the ONLY thing that came to mind.

Stay tuned for more doodles this month!

Alien Me

Alien Me


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5 responses to “Sketch of the day – Day 2

  1. Valery Larson

    Hey there sister, I’m inspired and I might try and do the SKADaMo myself. You’re the best.

  2. Congratulations on posting, even though you weren’t jazzed with your piece today. I wasn’t that brave last year (only posted a few of my sketches.) So my hat is off to you. I look forward to future posts this month.

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