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Pig & Toad wins an award!

Author Dayle Quigley of Pig & Toad: Best Friends Forever announced that our book won a silver Moonbeam Children’s Book Award for “Best First Published Book”!!


I know Pig and Toad already love the attention!



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I Give It to the Universe

I created a piece (see the bottom image) as an auction item for the Children’s Hospital’s fundraiser that took place over this past weekend. The theme of the evening was “A Starry Night”.  Creating it became a source of healing for me and I didn’t even realize it until I was done with it. I started with something much different, then it progressed to its final stage. As I wrapped it up, ready to deliver it, I passed by a painting that I have on my wall (one I see every day – one I did after I finished chemo and radiation for breast cancer) and was surprised at what I just did. I drew my figure in the same pose, except she is in a different place in her life.

This was my “healing art” 10 years ago. See how depressed the colors are.. how grey and frail the figure is? How yearning she is… how broken she is? How tight the flowers are to make her feel secure… how distant she is from the light?

Bring Me Hope

And this is where I am today:


’nuff said.

This is why I do art.


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